Timberland Investment Management

As the timberland asset class has matured, investment risks, return drivers and investment platforms have become better understood, and direct investment a more viable option for sophisticated investors in certain geographies. ForestEdge offers a Timberland Investment Account Fiduciary (TIAF) service to direct timberland investors as outlined below.

Strategy Development & Analysis

Evaluating investment strategy alternatives within the context of investment vehicle alternatives and investor risk/return objectives

Portfolio Structuring and Management

Identifying and acquiring timberland portfolio assets and structuring property management and reporting services

Ongoing Timberland Investment Management

ForestEdge will provide on-going investment management services directly to the investor as per our TIAF program. View details

Timberland Investment Transaction Advisory Service

Timber Investment Managers are increasingly advocating the roll-over of closed-end fund assets into other investment vehicles managed by the manager, thereby creating a wide range of potential conflicts of interest that investors must manage. ForestEdge can act as the independent representative for the investor in such negotiations, or can represent the investor should they wish to exit co-mingled investment vehicles before the end of the vehicle investment period.

Related Party Transactions

Representing the investor as assets or fund positions are rolled into new investment vehicles managed by the same timber investment manager

Acquisition/Disposition Management

Representing the investor as assets are acquired into or disposed from a managed or direct investment timberland investment account

Timberland Investment Due Diligence

Potential investors in timberland assets have many fund and individual investment opportunities presented to them by potential investment managers. ForestEdge can focus the due diligence process with respect to individual investments, funds, or managers based on a deep understanding of global and regional investment return drivers and best in class investment and asset management practices.

Investment Due Diligence

New investment opportunities can be evaluated to determine the reasonableness of projected returns, timber prices, bio-metrics, management costs, market intelligence, currency risk, and to determine if the assessment of risk and corresponding discount rates are appropriate

Fund or Manager Due Diligence

The investment strategy and proposed structure of a new investment vehicle, as well as the performance and qualifications of the proposed manager, may also be evaluated by ForestEdge to provide knowledgeable, objective third party feedback to a potential investor

Independent Advisory Service

Knowledgeable, independent consultants can play a vital role in assuring the alignment between investors and investment managers by monitoring performance, compliance, and reporting, and by asking focused questions as necessary. Consultants can also provide unbiased third party evaluations of market opportunities and proposed business ventures.

LPAC/Investor Representative

ForestEdge brings in-depth knowledge of the timberland investment business and can objectively represent an investor in Advisory Committee positions

Independent Timberland Fund Director

ForestEdge may also fill the role of Independent Director for the increasing number of Funds that are adopting best practices and seeking an independent voice on their Board

Market Research/Project Evaluation

ForestEdge brings over 30 years of knowledge, experience, and perspective to the evaluation of proposed forest product or timberland investment business ventures


Most consulting services provided by ForestEdge are charged on a daily rate plus expense basis. However, transaction services may be charged on a flat fee or expenses plus success fee, and portfolio structuring and management services may be charged as a percentage of invested capital.