The Evaluation of Timberland Assets – Drivers of Under-Performance

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Background Timberland assets are different. Investors considering the acquisition of a timberland property face the unique challenge of valuing a non-uniform, organic asset that naturally evolves over time. In its

Active Management of Timberland Investment Portfolios

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Background The unique nature of timberland investment properties permits investors holding such properties to meet a very wide range of investment objectives. Some seek the preservation of capital through the

Global Timber Prices

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Background Like most raw materials, the price of roundwood timber used in building or pulp and paper products reflects both long term supply and demand, as well as external market

Timberland Investment and Family Offices

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Within the evolution of the timberland investment sector, much attention has been paid to the shift from co-mingled funds toward separate account portfolios by large institutional investors as some smaller

Headwinds for Wood Pellets

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The most exciting, and dramatic change to impact wood residue and small diameter roundwood markets in many world regions in the last decade has been the policy driven substitution of

The Evolving Timberland Investment Landscape

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The timberland investment sector is currently undergoing a fundamental change in the nature of the capital that is being employed, the investments that are being made, and the type of